I've started to pick up the shuttlerbug in 2002, when my daughter Manon was born. Just like any parent, I wanted to capture these so precious and unique memories. I had no photography experience at the time and digital cameras were starting to flood the market so I picked one up. First camera was a Kodak DC280. A 2MP camera, quite capable! Very quickly I upgraded to a Canon G2 which offered better capabilities. But i was still not satisfied with the level of manual control offered, especially for depth of field. DSLR were starting to be sold but were a bit too expensive for my budget. So I bought my first film camera and fell in love with film. It was a Canon Elan 7E with a kit lens. Very soon, I realized that zooms were not the best for low light capture so I bought fixed focal lenses: 35, 50, 85, 100. My film were developed at Walgreens for the most part. They did a “decent” job but I soon realized that pro labs were doing a much better job. So I started sending my film to A&I, in Los Angeles. But of course, it became expensive and I was quite interested to develop my own black and white. Started in 2004 in my kitchen and was then scanning the negatives. 
Made a mistake in 2004 to rent a Leica M3. Just to understand the hype about these cameras which I considered way too overpriced. Shot a roll of film and never looked back. I was hooked for ever. The simplicity, clarity of the viewfinder, the craftsmanship, the different experience. And the lenses! Oh the lenses! Bought my first Leica M3 very soon after the rental. Then a M6 which I sold for a MP. My wife offered me a IIIf for the birth of my twin boys. Bought a stupid number of lenses for my Leica. Just to try them out. Bought and sold A LOT of lenses on Ebay. I also bought quite a bit of small rangefinders. Again, to try them out. Have fun. Sold most of them in 2006 as we were moving to France and I had no real good way to develop my films. 
I today shoot digital (despite the fact that I have 500+ rolls of films in my garage) mostly with a Leica M10 and a Fuji X100F. This website has been repurposed 20 times since I've purchased it :) I want to use it today to share some of the pictures I'm found of. I hope you will like them!  

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